Tell a Better Story

We only abandon our stories for better stories.

In the 1980's, Apple tried to convince IT Execs from big companies that there product was easier to use and cheaper to support. No one cared. It wasn't until Apple captured society's imaginations with a new type of story did consumers flock over to their products.

Apple's story was best encapsulated in their famous Superbowl commercial 1984. In the commercial they suggest that the story you are living is the story of Tyranny and Big Brother. Apple is a a tool to help you live a better story, a story if Individualism. 

Does Apple's products lead to individualism? Maybe. Can you prove it? No. But Apple didn't win with reason. They won by embracing a better story. 

You will never get someone to abandon their story with reason. The only way to get people to really change is to tell them a better story.