What are you Orbiting?

An orbit happens when an object has such a strong gravitational pull that a smaller, nearby object can’t help but to get sucked towards its mass. They are then held in a pattern around that mass in a perpetual free fall.

This is true for physical matter in space but it is also a metaphor for how we make decisions in our lives. Humans by nature like to orbit around something.

Sometimes we as humans orbit a grand idea, think of this like a planet orbiting a sun. Sometimes ideas are so powerful that we are pulled into them and our lives continually spin around them.

Sometimes we orbit around other people, think of this like a moon orbiting a planet. Some people are so charismatic and visionary that you are pulled towards them in perpetual free fall continually spinning around their personality.

If you are orbiting a visionary person remember that they are also orbiting something, usually and idea.  So the best thing to do is to find out what idea they are orbiting and then you won't ever wonder where you are going by orbiting that person.

Getting pushed out of the orbit of a person or an idea is a scary moment, a moment of flying blindly into the darkness of space. It is natural to want to quickly find another person or idea to orbit. Choose wisely.